“Whenever you call me, I’ll be there!”

Dedicated blood, double red cell or apheresis donor heroes: our Web page functionality to schedule blood donations will be down today until early Monday next week. Your donation is so […]

Where Do You Fit?

Graphic courtesy of socialgraphics.files.wordpress.comNo matter what your blood type, the need is constant. Sign up to donate at redcrossblood.org or 1-800 RED CROSS today!

In the Time it Takes to Give Blood…

Farmville, Facebook, squirrels on water skis…we’re all guilty of a little internet distraction (Red Cross followers are exempt!). However, when getting hooked on useless web browsing, do you ever wish […]

RedCrossBlood.org … We Look Good

I have a major weakness for makeover shows. The best part of each episode is the moment at the end when the made-over person reveals their new look to family […]

Hit The Bullseye; Help The Red Cross

Whether I’m checking out the fashion-forward Go International collection or browsing the fun and funky Red Hot Shop, I’m a big fan of Target and their stylish, yet wallet-friendly, options. […]

War And Peace Of Mind

Perhaps you recall reading Willamette Week a while back and hearing a little bit about Oregonian Sarah Krakauer, who opened up a Holocaust tracing with our chapter. Well now, in […]

Our World, Your Move…To Facebook

Robin already alluded to the new Our World, Your Move website in her recent Worldwide Wednesday Wrap-up, and we’ll talk more about this cool new initiative on May 8. In […]

Safety Graphic Fun!

Remember when we posted this find from our warehouse? Here at the Red Cross, we’re all about staying safe. In fact, we put safety and prepareness tips in every issue […]

Why I Love Twitter: A Confession

From the start, I’ve been a Twitter naysayer. I just couldn’t understand how micro-blogging and sharing every little teeny detail of one’s life — right down to the type of […]

iWant This iTheme!

Yes, I admit I’m one of those people.  One whose heart goes all aflutter for anything beginning with a lowercase i or ending in oogle. The type that spends her […]