… We Look Good

I have a major weakness for makeover shows. The best part of each episode is the moment at the end when the made-over person reveals their new look to family and friends with a glowing confidence and beauty that comes from within. If only I could spend some time with Stacy and Clinton or Trinny and Sussanah

Red Cross Blood Services recently got a virtual makeover and we’re feeling younger, sassier, and more alive than ever. Check out the “new us” at Here you’ll find information about blood donation, hosting a blood drive and volunteering. You’ll also be able to search for the closest blood drives to you, local special events, and other Red Cross blood-related news.
We promise that our makeover didn’t change us too much; we’re still the same Red Cross blood services that has been collecting blood since 1940 and that supplies about 40% of the nation’s blood supply. We just look really, really good.