A neat story in the O with a Red Cross connection

By Jim Beseda, The Oregonian. Photo by Motoya Nakamura, The Oregonian A year ago, Jefferson High School’s Deion Guice seemed to be a big-time, big-program college football prospect — until […]

Roses are Red (Cross)

It’s hard to miss all the tents, rides, and ships on the Portland water front. That means we are in the midst of the Portland Rose Festival, and the Red […]

Spring Cleaning Can Wait. Let’s Go Shopping!

I just love to shop, especially in the Spring, when the sun is out(at least part-time) and the flowers are blooming. Hey, speaking of flowers,try incorporating a floral print or […]

RedCrossBlood.org … We Look Good

I have a major weakness for makeover shows. The best part of each episode is the moment at the end when the made-over person reveals their new look to family […]