Prepare-aphernalia: Office Edition

Here on the blog we spend a lot of time talking about being prepared. We’re pretty sure that a magnitude 9 or so earthquake (that will cause extensive damage and probably a pretty big tsunami) is coming and we know that you are all packing away food, water and emergency supplies so you’re ready for the “big one” but what about those day to day emergencies?

I came across a few key items to help solve workplace “emergencies” that many of us face everyday and wanted to share:

Can’t find a pen? Not a problem anymore you’ll be offering, “borrow my pen” before anyone has a chance to ask with this set of eight reputable business logo pens such as “Stuffed with Love Taxidermy” where just as the pen says “No pet Too small – Give us a Call”. (We think these won’t be walking away from your desk anytime soon either)

Someone keeps using your coffee Mug? Chances are good with this mug it won’t be a problem – wash as much as you like, the lipstick and coffee stains are there to stay.

No office windows? Here is an inflatable window with a lovely tropical scene. This could also be a useful addition to your office disaster kit – a little morale boost when your stuck under your desk waiting for help post earthquake.

Your lunch went missing from the staff fridge, again? Not a problem anymore with Anti-Theft lunch bags – these zip-locks have green splotches printed on both sides. Only you will know that sando hasn’t been in there since last summer.

[Note: We don’t endorse, nor sell, the prepare-aphernalia products we feature here. We just like to share cool stuff we come across. These items and more availabe at]