Prepare-aphernalia: Office Edition

Here on the blog we spend a lot of time talking about being prepared. We’re pretty sure that a magnitude 9 or so earthquake (that will cause extensive damage and […]

Dvice Image Of The Day: 4.4 Earthquake Simulation

From Dvice: The folks at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center are creating mock earthquakes — the sim pictured represents a 4.4-magnitude tremor in a valley in northern Greece. From there, architects […]

Science ‘Fact’ion

A (good) problem the geniuses behind science fiction are having these days is that the ‘fiction’ keeps becoming ‘fact’. Many of the items from Star Trek have become a reality, […]

Babysitting Party

A mom called to inquire if she could set up a BBS class for her daughter’s birthday. She asked her daughter what kind of party she wanted for her birthday. […]