Prepare-aphernalia: It’s What’s For Dinner

A big thanks and shout out to Think Geek for sending former bloggers Lise and Robin a gift package of Tactical Sammiches, a product of (no joke) firearm manufacturer CMMG.

Since Robin and Lise were both too terrified to try out the vaguely Hot Pocket-like shelf-stable meat, they delegated that responsibility to me.

For lunch today, I decided to give it a shot (no pun intended) and try one paired with emergency drinking water (only appropriate).

Was the honey barbecued beef sandwich “disaster kit deliciousness?” By the look on my face…not exactly.

Will it keep you fueled and last forever in your 72-hour kit? Does the tough-looking packaging remind you of zombie preparedness? I think you all know the answer…

Image courtesy of CMMG Inc.


  • It sounds like your lunch was a taste disaster, one that we can now be prepared for thanks to your test. When you are really hungry though, I bet it can be the most delicious thing out there. Little known fact: the top selling emergency preparedness meals are produced right here in Oregon! Mountain House is based out of Albany.

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