Why Be Red Cross Ready

PJ Johnson/Red Cross Cascades Region I recently met with Nadine McCrindle, Executive Director and Patty Smith, Disaster Program Manager for Territory 2, Central and Eastern Oregon.  We were discussing the […]

Let’s Prepare Like It’s 1979

The bread of my weekend sandwich came in the form of two visits to the movie theater. One of those slices had the processed, fluffy goodness of Wonder Bread and […]

Intergalactic Planetary…

Although there was no ziggy stardust, the Red Cross made an outerworldly impression at the Starlight Parade this Saturday. The event, which usually attracts over 250,000 people, took place on […]

Last Night In Laurelhurst…

…there was an earthquake. It’s no lie; according to this article, about 2,000 Portlanders in Laurelhurst and Ladd’s Addition felt the 2.6 tremor last night at around 9:34 p.m. Given […]

Storm Watch ’08: Veteran’s Day Disaster

Within 72 hours, we’ll have four significant storms bearing down on our area. There could be flooding, high winds, power outages and even landslides. It’s the kind of thing that […]

What’s Your RQ?

No, RQ doesn’t measure how smart you are…rather how PREPARED you are. It’s your “readiness quotient,” and you can check how you stack up against the national average right here. […]