What’s Your RQ?

No, RQ doesn’t measure how smart you are…rather how PREPARED you are. It’s your “readiness quotient,” and you can check how you stack up against the national average right here.

A sample question: Do you know how to find the emergency broadcasting channel on the radio?

Once you’ve entered in all your info, you’ll get back your score as well as some tips to better prepare yourself, your family, your community, school or workplace.

Despite the fact that I work for the Red Cross, I only got a 6, mostly due to the fact that I haven’t coordinated with my family on an emergency plan. Even though I don’t live with them, we should know where to meet up and how to keep in contact in an emergency.

Still, I still did better than the national average of 4.41. Whether you scored lower or higher, you might want to check out the Be Red Cross Ready site for tips. And if you haven’t taken CPR/first aid training in the last five years, you can sign up for it here.

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