China Earthquake: Pandas Move To New Home

Aww… These pandas were acting disturbed after their home was damaged in the earthquake so zookeepers moved them to a new home. They seem to be happier now (and as cute as ever). 


  • By now, you know that an earthquake of catastrophic proportion hit China’s southwestern Sichuan province a few weeks ago. But did you know that the Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuary, a cherished World Heritage site and home to 30% of the world’s remaining pandas, suffered major damage? Or that the Sanctuaries include breeding centers that support zoos all over the world, and in the United States? Without these centers, the future of the remaining endangered pandas is uncertain. Check out (a grassroots initiative created by the United Nations Foundation with Expedia, Inc. and UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre) to see how you can help save the pandas.

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