Our Blogging Makes News Today, More Tomorrow

(There is just no need for four photos of Robin in a row. I must find something different or we’ll have to change the name of the blog again.)

Today was exciting; one of the busiest days we’ve had yet. It started with me pitching Robin’s journey to local media and, as I had guessed, there was a fair amount of interest. Since I was in another strategic planning meeting all day, I gave Robin some quick interview tips in the morning and then she was off and running.

To give you a summary, there was a KGW interview (“okay”), a KXL interview (“ROCKED it!”) and a KEX interview (“ROCKED it even MORE!”). To quote her exact words, “Gimme another reporter! I can take ’em!”

Between sound bites, Robin was working frantically on a six-minute video for our annual meeting. We’ll put it up on YouTube next week. We then spent a couple of hours wrapping up some volunteer awards. Robin has said that I’m completely capable of using Adobe Illustrator when she’s gone…keep your fingers crossed.

Aside from the media interviews that have directed traffic to our blog — PLEASE COME AND STAY; WE HAVE LOTS OF GOOD INFORMATION AND TIPS WHEN WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT ROBIN!! — we had a nice shout out from Jack Bog, of whom I’m a big fan. My friend (and fellow disaster responder/blogger) Sarah Bott figured I had something to do with that.

Tomorrow may bring more special attention from a truly top caliber writer that you might already know. Can’t give too much away, but I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I was…

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