Bad Timing, Good Blogging: John Solomon visits the Disaster Operation Center.

Actually, it was great timing. Just bad for me because I wasn’t here for it…

John Solomon – writer for the Washington Post, contributor for NPR’s On The Media, author of In Case of Emergency, Read Blog (soon to be a book), AND a friend to us here at Cross Blog – just wrote about his visit to National Headquarters’ Disaster Operations Center (where I’m currently working). Unfortunately, he visited here a day before I arrived so I didn’t get to meet him in person. But I’m very glad he gave the Red Cross a shout out for our social media efforts. Thanks, John!

p.s. John found Cross Blog after Amanda Ripley referred him here. I started reading her new book, The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes – And Why, on the plane coming here. (I thought it would be quite appropriate reading while I’m working this disaster assignment!) It’s fantastic so far, and I plan to blog a review whenever I finish it.

p.p.s. The above photo is from John’s post. Those are my colleagues here, Claire and Wendy, and the computer screen that’s in the center of the photo is where I am sitting at this very moment.