Cross Blog Gets Props From Nationally- Known Journalist

If there was ever any doubt that Robin and I are committed to this blog, the fact that we’re posting throughout the weekend should prove it. We both eat, sleep, breathe, wear, spot, talk about and love the Red Cross seven days a week. Strange (and a little unhealthy), but true.

And what’s really cool is that other people are starting to notice our commitment and passion, not to mention our enthusiasm. We don’t just talk about the Red Cross like it’s WORK; we talk about it with excitement. We WANT to share safety tips or smart preparedness ideas. We strive to get more people thinking about what they’d do in an emergency. And then we try to write about it in a manner that’s personal and, in all honesty, just a bit silly. Because we hope that lets you know we’re REAL. And, better yet, relate-able (and yeah, that’s totally not a word).

Anyway, Robin blogged yesterday about John Solomon — writer for all these famous news outlets and author of In Case of Emergency, Read Blog. I don’t want to repeat his bio, but I do want to say THANK YOU, JOHN for being a fan of our work and publicly telling everyone how much he enjoys reading our blog. We’re blown away by your kindness and so excited that you found us. And we’re appreciative of your key role in helping spread the preparedness word far and wide!

P.S. I took three great photos for Cross Spotting this weekend, so look for them later today or early next week. That red cross pops up in the strangest of places…are you looking?