Rep for the Red Cross!

During Red Cross Month this March, show your social network how you’re a hero! On Facebook or Twitter? So is the Red Cross! Check out our “I Am the Red […]

From The Mouths Of Bloggers

The best endorsements are those that are unsolicited. That’s why people love sites like Yelp — unfiltered, unedited commentary that we feel we can trust. So rather than me (a […]

Go Neal!

Does anyone remember the blog post on Neal Gorman? As Chairman of the Brooklyn Chapter of the American Red Cross, Neal is a big fan of our organization. He’s also […]

Preparedness On A Plane

Samuel L. Jackson taught us to be prepared for snakes on a plane, but what about breathing and First Aid emergencies? Travel expert Christopher Eliott blogged on this very topic […]

When You’re Swoon-y for Clooney

Today, the St. Louis chapter’s blog takes on an incredibly important question that is likely plaguing the minds of many of our readers. What’s the right course of action if […]

Cross Blog: We’re The Hottest!

There are so many words that I’d use to describe our blog — honest, relevant, informed, silly and maybe even a teensy bit snarky. But would I ever use the […]

Flickr Finds: Cooler Than Any Navel Ring

Found this while reading about MaNiC MoMMy’s Virtual Blood Drive on Care-Aware’s blog. A great image that I believe comes from MeanKitty82. If you want your own body piercing, sign […]

A Welcome To Boston’s Video Blog

Lately we’ve been having a lot of conversations about video and how to tell our story in a more compelling, visual manner. And we’ve been trying to incorporate video wherever […]