A Welcome To Boston’s Video Blog

Lately we’ve been having a lot of conversations about video and how to tell our story in a more compelling, visual manner. And we’ve been trying to incorporate video wherever we can but, truth be told, our digital camera and Robin’s laptop don’t always make for the highest quality combination.

This is why I’m so blown away by one Red Cross chapter’s new VIDEO blog. It’s the Massachusetts Bay Chapter (Boston area, of course) and that team is incredibly lucky to have the production skills of Patrick Baldwin right on staff.

Patrick’s the communications director and he’s just getting started with blogging. They have two videos up so far, but I urge you to check them out. Very MTV, with quick cuts, upbeat music and loads of style.

I’m trying to convince Patrick to make some more generic Red Cross videos (or make two versions — one that’s chapter-specific and one that’s not) so that we might be able to make use of his talents way over here on the West Coast.

What do you think of the video blog concept? And if you happen to live in Portland and have video production skills (or know someone who does), get in touch!