We Heart Disaster Movies!

It’s totally true; combine a hunky hero (or heroine) with an epic natural disaster and Robin and I are there. In fact, we love disaster movies SO MUCH that we’re thinking about planning a disaster movie marathon that you all can attend.

But more about that later…

I mention this because 2009 looks like a good year for disaster movies, though hopefully not real disasters. We’ve got 2012 coming in November (I guess the release date changed?), and according to this trailer, we’ve got Knowing with Nicolas Cage on March 20.

Sure, we can debate whether or not Nic is a hunky hero (I’d vote for definitely NOT), but this flick looks like it will contain — not just one — but MANY natural disasters. Did you spot what looks like Mount St. Helens??

One thought on “We Heart Disaster Movies!

  • Woa! That’s quite a trailer.

    Hey, this is by the director that did Dark City. Nice!

    I’ll like it whether it ends up being epic or cheesy or some combo of both.

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