(Everything But) Raindrops Keep Falling On Our Heads

Lately we’ve been thinking about things falling on our heads.

Not nice things like raindrops and feathers and pancakes. But heavy, sharp and inherently dangerous things that could, quite frankly, kill us.

For example, Robin has a large, unattached bookshelf right near her desk that could totally smush her, and I have a giant glass-framed concert photo centered directly over my bed. Bad idea. Clearly we need safety straps and earthquake putty.

This is why I was intrigued by Vivienne of The V-Spot’s blog post about what happened to stuff on her wall after a “little baby quake.” See the before and after pics below.



Yup, that could have hurt.Vivienne goes on to share some really helpful suggestions for emergency preparedness with kids (store Gameboys and batteries, art supplies and coloring books to entertain in a disaster) and then continues with a “part-two” post that touches on keeping regular food in storage (vs. food like Pemmican bars that you’d never want to eat anyway), putting together a “Tote”/first aid kit and organizing an “ER bin.”Seriously, Vivienne has good, practical suggestions and her organizational skills blow my mind. You’ll really want to check out her blog:The sky is falling!!! (Well it could be…) Part 1The sky is falling!!! (Well, it could be…) Part 2

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