When You’re Swoon-y for Clooney

Today, the St. Louis chapter’s blog takes on an incredibly important question that is likely plaguing the minds of many of our readers.

What’s the right course of action if someone spots George Clooney and — as fans are wont to do — promptly faints?

The answer?

1. Check the scene for safety. It could be noxious poisonous gas and not George Clooney that caused the victim to faint.

2. Check the victim. If they are, in fact, unconscious, immediately call 911.

3. Provide care. If they are not breathing, perform 2 rescue breaths and initiate CPR until responders arrive on scene.

The bottom line, as shared by blogger Lindsay and Health & Safety manager Mary Beth, is that “even though George has had many years of experience performing CPR on television, neither he nor his faithful viewers really know what to do unless they have taken CPR classes and are currently certified.”

So sign up for a class today; you never know when George might be in town for you to show off your life-saving CPR skills. And thanks to the St. Louis chapter for blogging such a vital question!