Stay Dry, Look Sharp

You might think of Life Magazine when you think of Norman Rockwell, but did you know that the famous artist also created posters for the American Red Cross?

And Rockwell isn’t the only one designing on behalf of humanity. Other past artists include Howard Chandler Christy, James Montgomery Flagg and N.C. Wyeth.

I tell you this because there’s a really cool new product in the national Red Cross store that you might like for both its history and its usefulness here in Oregon. Check out this umbrella featuring vintage Red Cross poster designs.

If you buy it this WEEK, you’ll get 10% off. And if you shop our chapter store this MONTH, you can get 10% off by using code EN200904. We don’t have this umbrella, but we do have lots of other cool (and life-saving) things.

And if you really love all things vintage Red Cross (as I do), be sure to check out our museum and Shirley Powers’ website, where you can see a ton of our very collectible posters.