Family Tragedy Averted by a 20 Year Old Hero.

By Patricia Griffiths. Gasps from passengers aboard a ski boat signaled trouble to the driver, 20-year-old Ryan Perez, at Detroit Lake, Oregon on July 21, 2023. Checking his rear-view mirror, […] – Red Cross Tee Design Winner!

The results are in for the Threadless Red Cross tee design challenge…and they picked an awesome shirt! Threadless created an amazing idea which honors our everyday heroes through celebrating actions […]

Oregon Man Uses “Mouth-To-Beak” CPR

Because not every life saved with CPR is a human one! Check out this story of an Oregon man performing CPR on a BALD EAGLE. Wanna learn CPR yourself? Find […]

CONTEST: Where’s Annie?

Help! One of our manikins is on the loose! She’s been spotted all over town — at the Rose Quarter, at the Zoo, at OMSI and, in my favorite adventure, […]

Volunteer: Meet Erica Welch!

It is National Volunteer Week at the American Red Cross and we would like to take this opportunity to recognize some of the volunteers from within our local communities. Over […]

Grant Writing Workshop Coming To Portland!

Grant writers provide an indispensable asset for nonprofit organizations when locating project funding (for resources like initiating a new program, purchasing new equipment and even constructing a new building). If […]