Make A Difference Day Is Tomorrow!

Make a Difference Day is a national event encompassing the most comprehensive nation-wide day of helping others. USA Weekend reports that in 2009, 3 million people participated in the national […]

Together We Prepare

It’s Friday and you’re probably counting down the hours until you get to run home for the weekend. Before you do, think about committing one hour a month to service. […]

Why Schools Need AEDs

To be able to give kids like Central Catholic’s Hayward Demison a shot at a long life: Amazing that nurse Lisa Lyver was nearby. And that she knew CPR which, […]

Compression-Only CPR Gets Thumbs Up

You read the New England Journal of Medicine, right? What? You don’t? It’s okay…neither do I. But lots of media types pay very, very close attention to what they say […]

Mom and Teen Save Neighbors Home

Do you ever wonder how you would respond when an emergency happens? The American Red Cross says that people need to be prepared to respond to emergencies, you never know […]

It’s A Lifesaving World After All

I love sharing save stories. Here’s a great one from Larry in Florida: —— I saved a lady at Epcot in Disneyworld. We were eating at the Japanese steak house. […]

The Bystander Effect

Are you familiar with the “bystander effect?”If you’ve taken a psychology class, you might already know about this phenomenon. In short, the greater the number of people present, the less […]

Preparedness On A Plane

Samuel L. Jackson taught us to be prepared for snakes on a plane, but what about breathing and First Aid emergencies? Travel expert Christopher Eliott blogged on this very topic […]

What’s Happening in New Columbia and Tamarack

Back in November, a house fire in North Portland spurred our chapter to prevent emergencies in the New Columbia and Tamarack neighborhood by delivering disaster preparedness information door-to-door and offering […]