Walking Tall with My Superhero Tool Belt

When I was an innocent, tiny teen, my friend and I decided to take a women’s self defense class at our local community center. Although we were being educated at a small all girls Catholic school (read: sheltered), we were privy to a more modern world and wanted to arm ourselves in a more physical way than what was usually expected of a lady. At class, we were taught the importance of standing tall, walking confidently and the power of a strong “NO!” And, yes, we were taught to hit ‘em right where it hurts. Kapow! I left that short three hour class walking taller and feeling stronger. As my dear mom would say, “It’s great to have that under your belt!”. Although it was unlikely I could take down a 300 pound man with one blow to the throat (or the Joker for that matter), I felt prepared for whatever was coming my way. Today, I completed my training in Adult CPR/First Aid and AED, and many of the same feelings from my self defense class have been reignited. If my diabetic best friend faints, I know just what to do. If a stranger at the market appears to be having a stroke, I know just what to do. If my backpacking companion is burned by a camp stove, I know just what to do. Not only do I know what to do, I have enough knowledge of these skills to be confident enough to execute them. Now, I’ve got that under my belt. These days I’m no longer innocent but I am still tiny (read: underestimated) so I feel the need to pack my sacred Superhero tool belt to the brim. I continue to carry the skills I learned in self defense class all those years ago and now I get to add my certified life saving skills. Now more than ever, I feel prepared to take on the world. Have you stocked your Superhero tool belt? C’mon. Take the class. Click below.Get Trained