Compression-Only CPR Gets Thumbs Up

You read the New England Journal of Medicine, right?

What? You don’t?

It’s okay…neither do I. But lots of media types pay very, very close attention to what they say on medical issues and right now, a story is making the rounds that’s, uh, close to our hearts.

If you’re searching the abstract for the key quote, here it is: “The results support a strategy for CPR performed by laypersons that emphasizes chest compression and minimizes the role of rescue breathing.”

Basically, that means so-called Compression-Only CPR is okay in certain situations, which actually fits right in with American Red Cross guidance. Of course, we still encourage everyone to be trained in full CPR (chest compressions and rescue breathing) and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED).

The extra cool thing is that we can teach you how to do Compression-Only CPR in less than 3 minutes. How? Just watch this video: