Party to save lives!

Ever had measles before? Know anyone who have died from it?

Probably not. Measles is practically non-existent in the states, but it is still a leading cause of preventable death in children globally. There has been a safe and effective measles vaccine for 45 years, but the children who need it most are often hard to reach and don’t have easy access to adequate health care. It only costs less than a dollar to vaccinate a child against measles!

The Measles Initiative is a campaign co-operated by the American Red Cross, WHO, CDC, UNICEF, and United Nations. Together we have vaccinated and saved the lives of over 700 million children in developing countries since 2001. It has been one of the most successful public health vaccination campaigns in recent years.
But every day, 450 children still die from this disease.
We invite you to support two upcoming collaborated events in the Portland Area next week! These events are designed to be fun and educational for the 21+ crowd, with a fashion show as well! $5 Cover
Red Cross will be present to distribute more information and give everyone an opportunity to give $1 (Or more!) to vaccinate a child! Don’t be too sad if you can’t make it to the first two events, there will be more to come this month! Come out, and have some fun with us while supporting an important cause next week!
First Thursday Ecopalooza Pre-Party at Couture August 5th

Ecopalooza After Show Party at NePo 42 August 7th