Prepare-aphernalia: Made In Oregon Multi-Tool

One of my favorite items of prepare-aphernalia is the multi-tool. It’s small, entirely functional and the perfect addition to a disaster kit. Heck, it’s even one of The 10 Essentials!

And if you live here in Oregon, you should know that some of the most popular multi-tools are made in our own backyard by a company called Leatherman.

Leatherman has been around since 1983, but their history starts long before that. According to their website, “Back in 1975, Tim Leatherman and his wife travel Europe and the Middle East. Between a cranky Fiat and leaky hotel plumbing, Tim’s boy-scout knife leaves him wanting more, like some pliers, and maybe a screwdriver or two. He dreams up a multi-tool.”

Not too long after, Tim started making prototypes with cardboard and wood. And now you can check ’em out (along with more key Leatherman history) in this cool photo gallery from Popular Mechanics.

If you happen to be looking for something a little more modern to keep in your kit, how about the Super Tool 300? With a saw, can opener, wire cutters and pliers, there’s just about no disaster I can think of where it wouldn’t be helpful to have on hand.