Help Or Hinderance? Technology In The Wild

I’ve talked before about the 10 Essentials — the items you need for a day trip (or overnight) in the wilderness. We’ve even done a Ready Radio episode on the […]

Prepare-aphernalia: Made In Oregon Multi-Tool

One of my favorite items of prepare-aphernalia is the multi-tool. It’s small, entirely functional and the perfect addition to a disaster kit. Heck, it’s even one of The 10 Essentials! […]

Getting Lost In A “Driveway Moment”

When the OPB Radio pledge drive is in full effect, they talk a lot about “driveway moments,” those times where you’re so intrigued by a story that you’d rather stay […]

Knowing The “10 Essentials”

First pair of hikers, rescued near the Salmon River — not prepared. Second pair of hikers, rescued near the Salmon River — not prepared. Don’t let this happen to you; […]

Meet Loki, The Camping Cat

Loki loved to go hiking and camping. By the time she was 6, she had been up and down the West Coast and seen everything from deserts to mountains. This […]

Don’t Die Out There!

Last Thursday and Friday, your Red Cross leadership team sat down and thought strategically. We do this every once in while and I’m always stunned at the really top-notch ideas […]

The First Date From Hell

Would things have gone any better if they had taken Wilderness First Aid classes? At least they’re still holding hands in the video!