Why Schools Need AEDs

To be able to give kids like Central Catholic’s Hayward Demison a shot at a long life:

Amazing that nurse Lisa Lyver was nearby. And that she knew CPR which, in this case, was enough to restart Demison’s heart.
Would you know what to do if someone collapsed near you? Take the time now to get trained…you never know when those skills might save a life.


  • Ah, good catch. I misread this:

    "Lyver estimated that Demison's heart had stopped for two minutes. She said what Demison really needed to revive him was a defibrillator, but since she could only perform CPR, Lyver prayed for a miracle. Moments later, she got one."

    I was thinking "got one" meant an AED…not a miracle. Oops.

    Regardless, the point's still the same. It's important to know CPR AND how to use an AED. And it's even more important for schools to have them on hand, just in case.

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