Superstars of the Civil War Blood Drive

Students Shahnaz Mooney and Sarah Lowe prove that “leadership is life” with their volunteer efforts Of the millions of lifesaving blood donations made each year to the Red Cross, almost […]

I Wanna Be Like Mike

Did you see the story about the Hillsboro custodian who has saved the lives of not one, but TWO, choking students? Here’s a snippet from the article: [Head custodian Mike] […]

Why Schools Need AEDs

To be able to give kids like Central Catholic’s Hayward Demison a shot at a long life: Amazing that nurse Lisa Lyver was nearby. And that she knew CPR which, […]

“Speak Up!” With Safety Video Contest

Remember these videos? Sure, they may not have won any Oscars, but the (over)acting was definitely noteworthy. And it’s impressive to think that this level of creativity came from the […]

Cast Your Vote In Safety Video Contest!

Lessons learned: Don’t play around with ketchup. Don’t steal golf carts. Don’t throw stuff at your co-workers. While all of these things sound fun (especially throwing stuff at Robin!), each […]

Youth – You have been challenged!

To donate blood! High school and College students play a critical role in maintaining the blood supply for the Pacific Northwest. Nearly 20% of the regions blood donations are from […]