Why Schools Need AEDs

To be able to give kids like Central Catholic’s Hayward Demison a shot at a long life: Amazing that nurse Lisa Lyver was nearby. And that she knew CPR which, […]

“Double Down” Looks Deliciously Dangerous

When biting into a sandwich, do you ever think, “As an avid carnivore, why am I hiding this tasty bacon between slices of low-calorie, unfried, unfun bread?” If you think […]

Good News For Chocoholics

When choosing between chocolate eggs and Peeps at the grocery store, a new study on cardiovascular health may help the decision process. Researchers at the German Institute of Human Nutrition […]

Portland: A Time-Saving (and Life-Saving) City

“Fast” is not normally a term I associate with our beloved city of Portland. “Friendly,” yes. “Beautiful,” definitely. But Oregonians tend to take their sweet time sipping tea and coffee, […]

Oregon Research is Making Headlines!

At the Red Cross, we know that cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States – and through our health and safety […]

Celebrating Another Year Of Life

Today is the last day we’re accepting hero nominations. Today is also a very special day for a few local heroes…and the person whose life they saved. Here’s their story: […]

Cardiac Arrest? Just Chill Out…

If someone goes into cardiac arrest and there’s no help from bystanders, their chance of survival is 3%. If someone simply steps in to help, that survival rate can go […]