Donating Blood for Community Preparedness

Here is a video from our media partners at KNDU (Richland, Washington).

The American Red Cross Pacific Northwest Blood Region includes much of Oregon and Washington, meaning that a donation of blood in Tri-cities is sent to Portland before being distributed to hospitals. This also means that the messages presented in the video apply to the entire region.

If you want a real example regarding the importance of blood donation, look back to the blog post earlier this week about the California Bay Area Community donating for an Officer. I noted the importance of preparedness and having enough blood on hand before a major incident. The Bay Area also includes the community of San Bruno, where Thursday a major natural gas explosion turned a neighborhood to ash with at least seven dead and 37 homes destroyed. Burn victims can require a great deal of blood, and the area’s Red Cross noted that the surge from the Officer let them be well prepared for this incident.

If you can donate and are eligible, please consider signing up for an appointment today!

Photo: San Francisco Chronicle