It’s A Lifesaving World After All

I love sharing save stories. Here’s a great one from Larry in Florida:

I saved a lady at Epcot in Disneyworld. We were eating at the Japanese steak house. She was laughing with her family and all of a sudden stopped. She stood up and looked around. I realized she was in trouble when she was attempting to take in breath and her neck muscles were heaving. She didn’t do anything else; no universal choking sign. I did the Heimlich Maneuver three times and the steak came out.

She was 51 and with her entire family. It was so scary for me , her and her family. We were all crying afterward. My nerves were shot. This is a terrible but frequent accident.

When I followed up with Larry — a paramedic of 23 years and clearly an excellent guy to have around in emergency — he sent on a little more info.

It was a very unique experience. I just pray that someone would do it for me. It truly is a hopeless and embarrassing feeling for the victim. She said to me afterwards that she was thinking about going into the restroom to try deal with it herself, which scared me even more. She would have not had enough oxygen to come back out.

Please tell people that they must do the universal sign for choking (see photo). What shocked me was that she just was standing there. Her eyes got real big. I don’t think others knew exactly what was going on.

The lady I saved and I are now Facebook friends; I feel like I am a part of her family. It could have been my mother or sister.


Thanks, Larry, for sharing your story. And if you want to be able to spot the signs and save a life yourself, consider taking a CPR class (where we promise to also teach you abdominal thrusts).

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