Thanksgiving Safety Tips

This long weekend many of us are likely going to turn up the heat to cook a feast, a welcome contrast to the frigid weather outside. Cooking a turkey is […]

I Wanna Be Like Mike

Did you see the story about the Hillsboro custodian who has saved the lives of not one, but TWO, choking students? Here’s a snippet from the article: [Head custodian Mike] […]

It’s A Lifesaving World After All

I love sharing save stories. Here’s a great one from Larry in Florida: —— I saved a lady at Epcot in Disneyworld. We were eating at the Japanese steak house. […]

Coffee, Tea…or AED?

Roy Harris usually was able to fly straight home to Nashville. But on a chilly day in late January, Harris, 57, found himself waiting for a connecting flight at Chicago’s […]

Critic Chokes, Tina Thrusts

Tina of Tina’s Groove is a single, smart, attractive waitress who works in Pepper’s Restaurant. And, as we’ve seen before, she uses her life-saving skills on a regular basis. This […]

In Memory Of Dionne Williams

I’d like to think that everyone knows how to do abdominal thrusts (aka, “The Heimlich Maneuver”), but people still die from choking, even right here in our area. Last Friday, […]

Top Chef. Hero.

I’ve shared my fandom of Bravo’s Top Chef before, but even though I enjoy the show, I never really felt one way or another about the judges. Well, that’s all […]