UO Ducks Lineman Saves A Life (and Red Cross demos “5 + 5”)

With the Civil War Blood Drive finishing its 10-year anniversary this past fall, University of Oregon students are no strangers to helping save lives. The heroic actions of offensive lineman Mark Asper prove they’re “already winning before the Rose Bowl,” says KGW as they report on his efforts to save a “Duck dad” from choking on Wednesday night. Also featured in the video below is your very own Oregon Red Cross staff demonstrating the need for and correct action for helping a choking victim.

Brush up on your training by taking a CPR class, or review “Five and Five to Keep Them Alive” through this blog post (thanks to our Red Cross friends at the Central Valley chapter).

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  • Brush on training to take the CPR class or review "and 5, let them live" through this blog post (the Red Cross in the friend, thanks for the central GuZhang).

    RS GP

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