Friday Final Fotos?

Alright, that was a lame attempt at alliteration, but there are some new photo albums to check out on Flickr! KGON (92.3 FM classic rock) had an awesome and incredibly […]

Thanks KGON and Parade Magazine!

Much like The Rolling Stones album of the same name, the KGON “Let It Bleed” blood drive hope to release the inner rockstar in you. If you didn’t catch the […]

Exciting Publicity On Portland Blood Donation

The latest edition of The Portland Observer came out yesterday…and it featured two Red Cross articles! The first is a cover story on the critical need for blood donation through […]

The Prophet Of Doom Speaks

“An earthquake preparedness kit? I don’t have an earthquake preparedness kit.” Uh, ouch. Like our friend — and Prophet of Doom — James Roddey, we’re working hard to change the […]

Germ Warfare: Guerrilla Tactics Through Band-Aids

With Red Cross First Aid classes, you learn important methods of cleaning, bandaging and caring for wounds. Of critical importance are the steps to prevent infection, which can cause serious […]

“Double Down” Looks Deliciously Dangerous

When biting into a sandwich, do you ever think, “As an avid carnivore, why am I hiding this tasty bacon between slices of low-calorie, unfried, unfun bread?” If you think […]

Good News For Chocoholics

When choosing between chocolate eggs and Peeps at the grocery store, a new study on cardiovascular health may help the decision process. Researchers at the German Institute of Human Nutrition […]