Red Cross Tackles TB

World Tuberculosis Day was yesterday. Along with other goals, the treatment of “diseases of poverty” has always been the mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). While […]

Red Cross Worker Released!

With near-endless means of communication, positive news like that of Gauthier Lefèvre’s, a Red Cross aid worker in Sudan, can often go unnoticed. For those unfamiliar to the situation, the […]

Mass Care Newsletter: First Issue

From international disasters such as the devastating earthquake in Haiti, to local emergencies such as house fires and floods, the American Red Cross is iconic as a shelter and feeding […]

Oregon Research is Making Headlines!

At the Red Cross, we know that cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States – and through our health and safety […]

Empire 2.0: Not a Nicolas Cage Action Movie.

Although the name may suggest otherwise, Empire 2.0 is actually a program under New York’s state department. Many exciting initiatives have launched from this idea, including testing to use Xbox […]

Pet First Aid Promo!

So, Anne just posted on pet Pickle’s predicament..but after stumbling on this article, it seemed worth sharing more Pet First Aid news with the Red Cross world! Also, make sure […]

Facebook for Flood Survival?

So, if you haven’t been following the news, flooding is prompting a Red Cross response on both national and international levels. Our chapter alone has already sent out one volunteer […]

Happy Beatles Day!

9/9/09 is apparently very significant to numerologists, but I’m more excited by the double-shot of Beatles goodness today: a) The Beatles’ entire digitally remastered catalog is being released!b) The Beatles […]

Two Truths and 10 Lies

I recently read a great phrase that described news media as a “fire hose” of information that needs to be filtered through to find reliable sources. It can be especially […]


So…just like Lise is fairly certain the writers for The Office read our blog (see here, here and here) …I’m pretty sure Nintendo’s game developers are following us as well. […]