Red Cross Tackles TB

World Tuberculosis Day was yesterday. Along with other goals, the treatment of “diseases of poverty” has always been the mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). While tuberculosis (TB), a respiratory illness, is typically curable with standard antibiotics, in developing areas like Latin America, Central Asia and Africa, the treatment method requires additional support.

Through preventative “treatment” of environmental factors – improved living conditions, clean air, nutritious food and quality medical centers, the ICRC has forced the multi-drug resistant strains to back down. Specifically, in Azerbaijan prisons, TB used to defeat over 300 inmates a year. With the creative and targeted methods of the ICRC and the World Health Organization, that number has now dropped significantly!

“By last year, the number of [prison] deaths had fallen to 20, thanks to prevention measures, improved screening and diagnosis, and medically supervised treatment and follow-up,”Nikoloz Sadradze, ICRC head in Baku, Azerbaijan, stated.

These results show incredible commitment from our international partners and gives the ICRC every reason to celebrate!

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