A Good Sign For Preparedness

Preparedness information should be available to everyone, no matter what language you speak. From Arabic to Vietnamese, we’ve got a ton of materials right at your fingertips.

And now, thanks to our friends at the Willamette Chapter in Salem, we’ve got one more language to add to the list — American Sign Language (ASL).

With help from students at the Oregon School for the Deaf, they’ve created this fantastic 5-minute PSA that walks you through the steps of getting prepared. And, if you can’t understand sign language, the whole video is subtitled so anyone can easily follow along.

Major kudos to the students and to our friend and associate producer Margaret Sanner. Really amazing work!

One thought on “A Good Sign For Preparedness

  • This Is A Valuable Tool In Our Efforts To Share The Importance Of The American Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Message To All The Communities We Serve.

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