Observe World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day. Take a moment to remember that someone becomes infected with HIV every 12 seconds, about half of them under age 25. Every 16 seconds someone […]

Science ‘Fact’ion

A (good) problem the geniuses behind science fiction are having these days is that the ‘fiction’ keeps becoming ‘fact’. Many of the items from Star Trek have become a reality, […]

How Much Does A Hurricane Weigh?

“I don’t know and I don’t care!” That may be what the guy in this video says, but I know YOU feel differently. The answer depends on whether you measure […]

Good News from the Medical Communities!

I enjoy reading medical news stories, given that there is always something interesting and potentially profound in development that can save lives! Here are three stories of note from the […]

Blood science in the news!

There have been a couple interesting stories related to blood lately- lets take a peak! In blood collection, centrifuges are often used for a variety of purposes. They are the […]

Blood Cell Bakery

Learning about blood can apparently make you hungry! At least when you learn about blood through cookies. The cookie-artist hands of Ms. Humble from Not So Humble Pie joined the […]

Germ Warfare: Guerrilla Tactics Through Band-Aids

With Red Cross First Aid classes, you learn important methods of cleaning, bandaging and caring for wounds. Of critical importance are the steps to prevent infection, which can cause serious […]