Battlestar Galactica’s ending could have been spoiled by… blood facts?

If you have followed television over the past decade, you likely have gotten caught by one of the epic story-arch shows with movie-style story writing and filming. After years of watching the story develop, the inevitable conclusion makes one question if the end could have been predicted. Over this past weekend at New York’s Comic-Con, it was shown that Battlestar Galactica did reveal it’s series finale twist… during the 2nd season. How did no one spot it? It requires a keen eye and knowledge of blood science!

If you haven’t watched Battlestar Galactica and don’t want the ending spoiled, you shouldn’t read below.

In the upcoming book The Science of Battlestar Galactica, much of the confusing details of humans versus (human looking?) Cylons are examined. As a teaser during a Battlestar panel, the author (Patrick Di Justo) mentioned that the half human, half Cylon fetus in Season 2 is noted as having no blood type- and this is shocking to the ship’s crew. No blood type means no blood antigens (A or B). Apparently the humans in Battlestar Galactica all had A and/or B blood types. However, in reality about 40% of the population has Type O (antigen-free blood). Cylons are presented in the show as having Type O blood, which is believe to be a mutation of Type A.

For us to have Type O, we would have to be descendants of both humans and Cylons (the twist ending of the series).

It also means that humans in Battlestar Galactica likely had difficulty when it comes to blood donations. Type O is considered the universal blood type in most need for when emergencies don’t allow the time for blood typing. This is why we value our O donors so much- even if they may be distant relatives of intergalactic toasters.

Photo: SyFy