Exciting Publicity On Portland Blood Donation

The latest edition of The Portland Observer came out yesterday…and it featured two Red Cross articles!

The first is a cover story on the critical need for blood donation through the lens of Latay Hammick, a young girl in the Portland community with sickle-cell anemia. Sickle-cell anemia causes red blood cells to form an abnormal crescent shape. Because of this rare shape, sickle cells are fragile and must be supplemented through blood transfusions.

The second article describes the incredible success of the Charles Drew Blood Drive. Since blood recipients are most likely to find compatible matches from donors of the same ethnic background, this drive highlighted the importance of African Americans donating blood and signing up for the Bone Marrow and Organ Donor Registries.

Read the Latay Hammick article here. Read the Charles Drew Blood Drive article here.

Thank you to The Portland Observer for supporting the Red Cross!