Inside Our Singles CPR Class

I know there are many of you out there who love the concept of Singles CPR, though you wonder just how the execution works. Well, wonder no more! Here’s your […]

Pee And Poo And You

Ah, fall. A time of corn mazes and costumes. Candy corn and cider. And, with all due alliteration… The Citizen Corps Conference! The conference is set for November 2-6 at […]

The Sound Of Infant CPR

Why should you make the time to learn CPR? This PSA from the British Red Cross answers the question…and then some. Check it out…and then sign up for a class.

CPR Romance, Take Three

If you’ve been following Cross Blog for a while, you know all about Singles CPR. And you might even know that it got started with our spotting of CPR-related “Missed […]

CPR Class Goes LIVE!

We didn’t blog this in advance, but if you follow us on Twitter, you might already be tuned in… In honor of CPR & AED Awareness Week, we’re getting all […]

The Bystander Effect

Are you familiar with the “bystander effect?”If you’ve taken a psychology class, you might already know about this phenomenon. In short, the greater the number of people present, the less […]