Pee And Poo And You

Ah, fall. A time of corn mazes and costumes. Candy corn and cider. And, with all due alliteration…

The Citizen Corps Conference!

The conference is set for November 2-6 at the Holiday Inn Portland Airport and it’s a great opportunity to beef up your preparedness, response and recovery skills. The public is very welcome.

Here’s are just a few of the more intriguing course offerings:
  • Holistic Hazard Mitigation
  • Disaster Psychological Intervention
  • Map your Neighborhood
  • Using Social Media
  • FRS and HAM Radio Use During Disasters
  • Useful Spanish Phrases for First Responders
And then there are my two favorites — Dealing with Difficult People and…OMG…wait for it…What to do with Pee and Poo. I honestly have NO IDEA what that course will entail, but COME ON, you know you wanna find out!

The good news is that it’ll only cost you $5 to attend the conference, thanks to grant funding that brought the original price of $40 way, way down. If you’d like to register or for more details, go here:

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