What’s that house doing in the pond?

Speaking of Communications… I came across this very cool ad from the Argentina Red Cross the other day. (See larger photo here.) To raise awareness about flooding in the northern, more rural, region of the country, the Argentina Red Cross built a house half-submerged in a pond near a Buenos Aires tourist attraction. Next to the house was a sign that said, “El Norte Argentino Necesita Tu Ayuda.” or “The North of Argentina Needs Your Help.” And below that simple statement, the number for the Red Cross.

This ad generated so much attention from both passersby and media that it spurred over 60,000 calls and a major increase in donations for the flood relief. 
Amazing how effective a bit of creative communication can be. 
P.S. Anybody remember these amazing Canadian Red Cross ads a few years ago? I wonder how real they actually looked?