Beach Safety

(Seaside, Oregon – Photo by Steve Lacey)

Well everyone get ready for this, my first post. With the height of the summer vacation season on us, and the beach being so close, I would like to remind everyone to have a safe time and remember these basic beach safety tips courtesy of Oregon State Parks.

Some beach communities, like Cannon Beach, do have lifeguards available. One of the tools lifeguards use are Semaphores. Semaphores are for your safety and are used to contact the lifeguards. If you see a dangerous situation, take the following actions, if these devices are available:

A. Locate the nearest semaphore signal (pole with flag)
B. Loosen the rope to the signal arm
C. When the lifeguard arrives, tell them the location and type of emergency

Remember though most Oregon beaches DO NOT have lifeguards.

Most people rely on their cell phones for emergency use. Due to the nature of our coastline reception is often poor on the beach. Often a cell phone signal can be found simply by getting to higher ground. Most state parks and waysides have public phones, locate them as you travel through the area. Have a plan and know where resources are as you make your way from your vehicle to the beach.

Lastly, be aware of the local tsunami evacuation routes, if you feel an earthquake move away from the coastline and seek higher ground.

Now go out and enjoy our beautiful Oregon coast knowing you are prepared.