Follow-Up: Where Did Our Blood Go?

Remember our new friend Joe? And how he thought he might be able to tell us where our blood went, post-donation? Well, he let us know and it’s GOOD.

We can’t tell you the actual hospitals, but we can give you a few hints. See if you can guess correctly in the comments!

Lise’s blood went to a hospital:
…known for helping kids, trauma and burn patients
…located about one block from where she’s sitting right now
…where she used to spend a lot of time as an employee

Robin’s blood went to a hospital:
…located in the SE suburbs
…that has been around since 1968
…known for their Healing Touch program which uses hands-on techniques to balance and align the “human energy field”

My Type O- blood went out the door pretty fast, making it to the hospital on Thursday morning. Robin’s got out of here on Sunday. Either way, we’re both pretty sure it must be in a patient by now. And how weird is that?!? OUR BLOOD IS NOW INSIDE OF SOMEONE ELSE’S BODY. Creepy and cool, all at the same time.

If you’re interested in the whole blood processing, uh, process, I urge you to check out this article that we blogged a while back. It’s fascinating that Blood Services can get all the steps done so quickly (and safely) to be able to save peoples’ lives.