New Documentary On The “Donut Dollies”

Thanks to Julie for tipping us off to this new documentary coming out this Veteran’s Day weekend (Nov. 9th). It’s all about the “Donut Dollies” – Red Cross women volunteers during the Vietnam War.From the official movie website:

They came of age at the dawn of the women’s movement, stepping out of conventional roles to take a route away from the expected. Young, adventurous, idealistic, and committed, they were a breath of fresh air in the dusty firebases and sweaty base camps of Vietnam. They were the Donut Dollies, and their job was to distract US soldiers on the front lines with games, songs and a listening ear. Heirs to a Red Cross recreational program started in World War II, the Vietnam girls didn’t have donut machines, but with a never-ending smile, a listening ear, and a collection of silly games, they delivered a touch of home to the combat zone.

You can watch the trailer here and if you’re in the Washington, D.C. area, attend the premiere!