Cross Blog Shines In The Spotlights

If you’d been following us on Twitter, you’d already know that my PR dreams came true last night when we took home a PRSA Spotlight Award for Cross Blog!

We worked really hard on our entry and I had a good feeling when society prez Darcie Meihoff mentioned a project in her opening speech that “gets the word out about safety and preparedness.” Hmmm…how many of THOSE can there be?

You can see a photo of the award above. I wish you could all touch it — not only because each of you has contributed to our success, but because it’s HEAVY! You’d be impressed.

So, once again, THANK YOU to our fellow Cross Bloggers, to our readers, our fans, our tipsters and to everyone who has joined in the Red Cross conversation that we have here everyday.

I hope that you continue to read, learn, laugh and enjoy what we’ve created — we couldn’t be more proud of this blog and we’re so happy that others like it as much as we do!

P.S. If you work here in our HQ building, you can try your hand at lifting the award. It’s in the admin area, right on the counter.


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