Dunder Mifflin Encourages Red Cross Volunteerism

Post-trip, I’ve been relaxing and catching up on a little recorded TV. And, as usual, I’m late to notice this incredible Red Cross shout-out on one of my favorite series — The Office.

As you can see from the screen shot, there’s a poster suggesting that employees volunteer for the Red Cross in the Dunder Mifflin breakroom, right by the fridge. I hadn’t noticed it before…does anyone know if it has been there in episodes past?

The particularly amusing thing is that this poster is out-of-date. You can’t see it, but it uses the old tagline, “Together We Can Save A Life.” Now I’m not going to lay a branding smackdown on boss Michael Scott, but I will say that our NHQ folks should probably send their prop guys an updated version.

Since I spotted this gem, can I get a trip to Scranton? Or, better yet, maybe we can convince the cast to autograph the outdated poster and send it to their fans at Cross Blog?