Who’s Your Hero?

Let’s talk about heroes for a second.

No, I’m not talking about the TV show…though didn’t you love last week’s episode with Sylar’s backstory? And aren’t you looking forward to the next eclipse? And did you know Masi Oka is part of our celebrity cabinet?

Way off-topic. Sorry about that.

I’m talking about real heroes, not the ones with superpowers. The ones who know first aid and CPR. The ones who spend their lives and careers helping others. The ones who are in the right place at the right time and do the right thing.

These heroes are everywhere. They are your next door neighbor, your co-worker, the guy sitting next to you on the bus. They might even be your dog or cat.

If you know an Oregon hero, we want to hear about it. If they have an outstanding story, we might even honor their compassionate action at our annual Breakfast of Champions event in March.

Take the time to fill out the nomination form and let us know the details. We know there are heroes out there…we just need you to tell us their stories!