Blood: Where Science Meets That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Ooh, I just read some fun facts in today’s Wired article about the first blood transfusions in the 1600’s! Yeah, that’s right, they did blood transfusions way back then. But – as you can imagine – the success rate was quite low. 

Here’s one of the most fascinating bits. Apparently, before physician William Harvey figured out exactly how blood circulated, doctors tried some pretty disgusting techniques:

Such was the ignorance of the circulatory system before Harvey that as Pope Innocent VIII lay dying in 1492, his physician suggested introducing fresh blood to the pontiff — orally. It didn’t work.

Ew! Thank goodness we know more about blood today! 
And on that note of gratitude, here’s a video I found today about a little boy with a rare disease who survives because of transfusions. (See? Warm fuzzies.)
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