Send Me Your Questions For Portland Rain!

PortlandRain (yes the actual weather phenomenon) is now Twittering. Yesterday I said I’d ask it for an interview, and it has graciously accepted (since it seems to have some unexpected free time lately). 

So…if you have anything you’d like to ask PortlandRain, post your questions in the comments! I’ll be interviewing it on Monday. 


  • What are fun things to do while it’s raining all season that doesn’t include drinking?! I’m looking for a little culture without getting trashed, here.

  • Do you know @PortlandSun?

    Do you get mad when Portland Rain turns into @PortlandSnow?

    What’s your fav time of the year (duh)? Perhaps maybe summer since when it does rain people get mad about it (whereas it’s expected during @PortlandWinter).

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